Where to BYO coffee cup in Darwin

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Taking your own coffee cup to a cafe has never been easier since ABC's War on Waste series. It kicked cafes and the public into gear, with many getting on board with the waste-free movement. In fact, you'd probably have a hard time finding a cafe that doesn't support the use of a BYO cup.

Why are take-away cups so bad?

They’re made of cardboard, so they’ve got to be recyclable, right? Unfortunately not! Disposable coffee cups are lined with a protective plastic film that stops liquid from seeping through, so they can’t simply be recycled along with paper and cardboard. So, straight to landfill.

Where to get your fix

Here’s a round-up of cafes that have a commitment to waste reduction by selling, accepting or incentivising the use of keep cups or coffee mugs. Choose these cafes next time you need a coffee fix and ask anyone not yet following this philosophy to get on board!

Note, the information provided here is subject to change. Head over to https://responsiblecafes.org for more.

Nevaeh's Cafe

22 Harry Chan Ave, Darwin City Discount: : $0.50

Cafe 21

28 Smith St, Darwin City Discount: up to $1.80 ($3.00 coffee)

Raw Bean Espresso

39 Smith Street, Darwin City Discount: $0.30

Salvatores Cafe

21 Knuckey Street, Darwin City Discount: $3.00 coffee


1/2 Harriet Place Darwin City Discount: $0.50

Chris's Coffee

Raffles Plaza, 2/1 Buffalo Ct, Darwin City Discount: $0.50

Mad about Coffee

2/3 Parap Pl, Parap Discount: $0.50

Parap Pool

77 Ross Smith Ave, Parap Discount: $0.50

Lucky Bat Cafe

3/7 Pavonia Place, Nightcliff Discount: $1.00


26/48 Trower Road, Millner Discount: $0.50

Thrive Darwin

742 Vanderlin Drive, Berrimah Discount: $0.50

Jay's Coffee Bar

Nightcliff Jetty and Rapid Creek Markets, Nightcliff Discount: $0.50

Nightcliff Pool

259 Casuarina Dr, Nightcliff Discount: $0.50

Kings Wholefood Artisan

80 University Ave, Durack Discount: $0.50

Twice Daily Cafe

1/1 Calvin Street, Yarrawonga Discount: $0.50


Words by Chantelle Scott

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