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Wash Station

In June 2018, Waste Free NT won a City of Darwin ‘Climate Change and Environment Grant’ to develop what we named the ‘Wash Against Waste Community Hub’ (or fondly the ‘WAW (said like wow) Hub’). This grant has funded the manufacture and set-up of the WAW Hub; a trailer that is equipped with 250 cups, mugs, plates, bowls and cutlery that market goers can hire for a small fee and return to a wash station.

The WAW Hub trailer design will function as a wash station and also a point of education about waste issues and solutions. We aim to advertise the WAW Hub as a place for open discussions and local community collaboration. The trailer can be used at our local markets and small events to dramatically reduce the landfill waste they produce, particularly single use plastics.

The benefits of this type of project are shared between; Market food stall holders, in reduction of their food packaging refuse and associated costs; Market goers, with an easy way to avoid single use plastic, particularly tourists who find it difficult to 'Bring Your Own' containers; The market committees, with environmentally friendly solutions that can be used in advertising and promotion and also a reduction in the overall landfill waste collection and finally; Local community organisations who wish to use the hire fees as a fundraising opportunity. Overarching all of this is the education of the community - the awareness of the current local and global problems caused by landfill waste and the effects that can be seen when alternatives are adopted.

The trailer has now been launched and is ready for booking! Visit the WAW booking page for your next event.

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